Women on Wax

minx.jpgArtist: DJ Minx/Women on Wax
Label: WOW

As the founder of the Women on Wax (WOW) label, DJ Minx has been at the forefront of the Detroit techno turntablist movement. DJ Minx’s latest project, The Essential EP, pairs her up with fellow WOW labelmate, Diviniti. Together they are known as A Taste of the Honeys. Minx’s intricate and trippy grooves are true to its techno origins yet accessible to mainstream electronica fans. As a part of the WOW collective, Minx has executively produced the workd of other DJs including DJ Genesis’ latest project, The Key to Life EP. Genesis’ offering is a downtempo and chill approach to techno that features ambient keyboards and synthesizers over a techno bass and beat. Lastly, Minx also helped guide labelmate’s Napi Hedz latest EP, The Blessed Bliss. This eclectic production is heavily influenced by Indian-inspired vocals and rhythms that give the music a global feel. These three EPs prove that DJ Minx and Women on Wax family are true to their techno roots while keeping their ears to the world!

Posted by Fredara Mareva

Editor’s Note: DJ Minx will be participating in the upcoming Roots of Techno conference.