Women of the World: Ayo

Title: Billie-Eve

Artist: Ayo

Label: Polydor

Formats: CD, MP3

Release date:  March 20, 2012



Ayo (a.k.a. Joy O. Ogunmakin), a German-born singer-songwriter-guitarist with Nigerian-Romanian roots, achieved wide acclaim in Europe with her 2006 debut Joyful and sophomore album Gravity At Last (2008).  Now based in New York, she is well-positioned to make a bigger splash in the U.S. market with her most recent effort Billie-Eve, named after her young daughter (a play on the word “believe”).  The album is comprised almost entirely of Ayo’s original compositions, which she puts forth in a rotating mix of folk, rock and neo-soul that’s occasionally tinged with reggae.  The standout tracks on the album are the rock-oriented songs that unleash the talents of Craig Ross (guitarist for Lenny Kravitz) and bassist Gail-Ann Dorsey, including the infectious “I Wanna Dance”:

YouTube Preview Image

Of the slower ballads, “Who Are They,” featuring the virtuoso cello of Dave Eggar, and “It Hurts,” accompanied by guitarist Mattieu Chedid, are both exceptional. The final track, “Believe,” is a too-short collaboration between Ayo and poet-singer extraordinaire Saul Williams. On a lighter note, the bonus track “I Want You Back” finds Ayo playfully channeling Michael Jackson.

This album is highly recommended, with excellent production and a wide range of compelling songs backed by A-list musicians.


Reviewed by Brenda Nelson-Strauss