Welcome to the July/August Issue

Welcome to the July/August “Heatwave” issue of Black Grooves. This month we’re featuring a wide variety of reissues from the ‘60s and ‘70s, perfect for kicking back at the pool or dancing the night away. From New York’s Tuff City label family we’ve discovered previously unreleased recordings by Ray Charles and the best of rapper YZ. Chicago’s Cedille Records, a non-profit label that has devoted several CDs to the music of black composers, recently issued a tribute to Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson. The new Alalog Africa series from Alula showcases two great Zimbabwean bands from the ‘70s. And we’ll take a look at the latest soul music offerings, from the famous to the obscure. Finally, if you need a refresher course on the music of the ‘70s, we’ve got two entertaining new documentaries that tell the story of disco and New York City’s underground dance music scene.