Welcome to the August/September 2009 issue

In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, we’re featuring the Sony/Legacy release of Sly & the Family Stone’s complete Woodstock set.  Those interested in DJ culture will appreciate the new book On the Record: the Scratch DJ Academy Guide along with the Rob Swift DVD As the Technics Spin.  To paraphrase our reviewer, if you have no clue what the big idea is about a guy making scratching noises on a record player, then these are definitely for you!  Fans of contemporary gospel music will appreciate our review of the recent book by Detroit scholar and gospel radio host Deborah Smith Pollard.  Also reviewed is “I’m Rick James!”,  a DVD compilation that  includes his Motown promotional videos and television performances. Two special sets are covered, including Bear Family’s deluxe 5CD tribute to Hank Ballard, and Dust-to-Digital’s Take Me to the Water, a look at immersion baptism through historical photographs, songs and sermons.  Also covered in this issue is Smithsonian Folkway’s reissue of the oratory of Frederick Douglass as read by Ossie Davis; the University of Calypso featuring Relator; Allen Toussaint’s first foray into jazz The Bright Mississippi; and new releases by Prince and Leela James.