Twelve Nights in Hollywood

Title:  Twelve Nights in Hollywood

Artist:  Ella Fitzgerald

Label:  Hip-O Select

Catalog No.:  001292002

Format: 4 CD box set; MP3

Release Date:  November 10, 2009

In May 1961, Ella Fitzgerald did a ten-night stint performing at the Crescendo, one of Hollywood’s best jazz clubs; the following year, she returned for two more nights.  The 1961 album Ella in Hollywood was released with material from that first performance series, and is regarded as one of the best live recordings of Fitzgerald’s career, and several tracks from the 1962 performances were released as singles.  However, the rest of the material from those performances has gone unreleased and unheard for the past forty-eight years.  Hip-O Select’s new four-disc box set Twelve Nights in Hollywood seeks to rectify that omission:  excluding the previously released material from Ella in Hollywood and the 1962 singles, it instead brings together her best performance sets from all twelve nights, including alternate performances of already-released songs and premiere recordings of songs that Fitzgerald had not yet recorded in the studio at the time of these performances.  This set showcases Fitzgerald at the height of her career, from her easy stage presence to her virtuosic scatting and improvisation.

Posted by Ann Shaffer