This Is How I Feel

Title: This Is How I Feel

Artist: Tank

Label: Atlantic

Formats: CD (standard, clean or deluxe ed.), MP3

Release Date:  May 8, 2012



“I’m so underrated”—Tank

The sexually romantic (or as Tank refers to himself) “Rajon Rhondo of R&B” released his fifth album in May titled This Is How I Feel. Tank, as always, delivers an album that not only includes the sexual side of R&B, but also focuses on the romantic and emotional side. He shows this style off in songs like “Better Than Me,” a piano and string ballad that congratulates his ex on finding a man that “treats you better than me” and gives her everything that she’s always wanted.  Another song that shows off his sentimental lyric style is “Lost It All,” about losing a good woman; nothing else mattered to him anymore because he lost everything when he lost her. On the other hand, Tank takes a more sensual approach with songs like “Don’t Give Up” and “Nowhere” (featuring Busta Rhymes), which have more sexually explicit lyrics along with lush arrangements.

Following is the official music video for another emotionally-charged track, “Next Breath”:

Tank’s focus for the album was to write songs that conveyed how he was feeling in the moment, according to an interview posted on Tank excels as an artist, lyricist, musician and producer, and combines all of these skills on the album. These talents have allowed him to rise to the top of the R&B charts and with this new album he shows off exactly why he’s there.

This Is How I Feel is truly another great hit album from the artist who also gave us Now or Never (2010) and Sex, Love & Pain (2007). As was the case with his previous albums, Tank leaves the listener wanting to hear more of the undying, yet sometimes underrated, sensual and romantic sound that is Tank.

Reviewed by Bobby E. Davis, Jr.