The Notations – Still Here 1967-1973


Title: Still Here 1967-1973

Artist: The Notations

Label: Numero Group

Formats: CD, LP, MP3

Release date: March 17, 2015


Chicago-based vocal group The Notations were formed in 1962 by two childhood friends, Clifford Curry and LaSalle Matthews, who attended Parker High School where they performed together in their high school’s talent show. After meeting James Stroud, a former Dunbar High School student, they rounded out the group and took their performances from high school talent shows to the local nightclubs. Eventually, their contacts led them to Tad Records where they produced recordings that were mostly sold hand-to-hand. It was a connection to the legendary Syl Johnson that led to their signing with Twinight Records and their first hit song, “I’m Still Here,” the inspiration for this compilation’s title.

Still Here brings together works from the period between 1967 and 1973. Included are previously unreleased titles such as “Young Girl,” from the Notations’ very first recording recovered from a cassette tape. This collection also includes only scarcely heard Tad singles—“Trying My Best To Find Her” and “Gonna Get Ready”—as well as recordings such as “I’m Still Here” from Twinight Records, and other singles that saw minimal distribution such as “What More Can I Say” and “I Don’t Want To Be Late” from their time at Cash Records. Although the group’s time at Curtis Mayfield and Eddie Thomas’s Curtom label is outside of the scope of this collection, Still Here offers an insightful view into the groups’ earlier recordings and their overall career through the songs and extensive liner notes.

Reviewed by Christina Harrison

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