Interstellar Fugitives: Destruction of Order

interstellar.jpegTitle: Interstellar Fugitives: Destruction of Order
Artist: Underground Resistance
Label: Submerge Recordings
Catalog No.: UGCD-UR2005
Date: 2005

Cornelius Harris (also known as “The Unknown Writer” and “Atlantis”) is a part of one of Detroit’s most talented techno DJ collectives, Underground Resistance (UR). As a member of UR, Harris has helped to spread the sound of Detroit techno around the globe through live performances. UR’s latest album release, Interstellar Fugitives: Destruction of Order, is a mix of highly metallic and melodic tracks united in a consistent techno vibe. Harris’ sound is true to the industrialized Detroit techno sound while drawing on funk influences. If it is left up to Harris and the rest of Underground Resistance, techno might not remain an underground phenomenon!

Posted by Fredara Mareva

Editor’s Note: Cornelius Harris will be participating in the upcoming Roots of Techno conference.