Garland Jeffreys – Truth Serum



Title: Truth Serum

Artist: Garland Jeffreys

Label: Luna Park Records

Formats: CD, LP, MP3

Release date: September 17, 2013


Veteran singer/songwriter Garland Jeffreys brings his unique brand of rock, soul, blues, and reggae to his fourteenth album, Truth Serum. Produced by Jeffreys along with James Maddock and Larry Campbell, this album was almost entirely funded by Jeffreys’ fans via PledgeMusic. His compositions are a collection of introspective and direct songwriting and commentary on a variety of topics including the state of the world in “Is This the Real World,” the enticing nation of alcohol in the title track “Truth Serum,” and the complexity of relationships in “Ship of Fools.” Following is the video for a recently released single from the album, “Any Rain”:

YouTube Preview Image

Jeffreys’ material is drawn from a collection of 75 audiocassette tapes—a format he prefers for documenting ideas and inspirations. Overall, the album is an intriguing collection of personal and social lyrical commentary couched in a dynamic stylistic approach—definitely a project worth exploring.

Reviewed by Christina Harrison