Classic Blues Artwork from the 1920’s, vol.12


Title: Classic Blues Artwork from the 1920’s, vol.12

Format: Calendar + CD

Publisher: Blues Images

Release date: September 2014



John Tefteller’s annual Classic Blues calendar for 2015 features more amazing artwork from the 1920s, some of which rivals R. Crumb in originality. Each month of the calendar is also illustrated with rare photographs of blues musicians, birth and death dates, brief biographies, and sample song lyrics.

The accompanying CD includes the songs that are featured in the January to December artwork, plus 12 bonus tracks. This year’s CD is particularly special, as it includes the newly discovered Tommy Johnson Paramount 78, which Tefteller purchased on eBay for over $37,000. Johnson’s “Alcohol and Jake Blues” and “Ridin’ Horse” are the gems of this CD.

Other personal favorites include Blind Lemon Jefferson’s “Match Box Blues” and Charley Patton’s “A Spoonful Blues.” All of the selections on the CD were transferred from the original 78 rpm records and remastered by Richard Nevins. Between the calendar and the CD, you have two products that will satisfy any blues fan on your holiday shopping list.

Classic Blues Artwork from the 1920’s, vol. 12 is available at select music and book stores, from Blues Images, or Amazon.

Reviewed by Anna Polovick