Book of Rhymes

Title: Book of Rhymes: The Poetics of Hip Hop

Author:  Adam Bradley

Publisher: BasicCavitas

ISBN: 9780465003471

Date: 2009

The voice of hip-hop is ringing in America, a timbre of universal discontentment that passionately depicts an often-ignored American existence. After years of evolutionary progress, it is an art form appreciated not only as a powerful social force, but also as a creative outlet with incredible musical integrity and poetic genius.

In the recently released Book of Rhymes: The Poetics of Hip-Hop, Adam Bradley explores the lyrical mastery of rappers and the awesomely turbulent ride rap lyrics take. Split into two parts, the book discusses rhythm, rhyme, and wordplay (part one) and style, storytelling, and signifying (part two). Often quoting his favorite rappers and including examples of poetic devices used, his points are as enlightening as they are entertaining. With a Ph.D. in English from Harvard, Bradley discusses everything from East/West coast tension to the impact of Bob Dylan on rhymes and rhythm. From controversial ghostwriting to the pioneering scratches of Grandmaster Flash, the book hits all the right places for hip-hop fans and poetry lovers alike.

Posted by Rachel Weidner